Social Pretender is an explosive female-fronted rock band with influences from the ‘90s grunge scene. Their live shows are particularly known for their constant projection of energy and emotion which they share with the audience through the music and performance. It’s raw, it’s loud, it’s grungy. Combined with haunting vocals to angry distorted screaming from the lead singer Sanna Wox, you could describe Social Pretender as a modern and fiercer The Distillers or Hole. All four members are settled in Stockholm, Sweden.

In 2015 Social Pretender toured around Poland for six shows and was met with great responses from the Polish audiences. Perhaps especially at Rock May Festival, where the band had performed the previous year and won the appertaining live music contest. In 2014, the band also won the Stockholm Finals of Emergenza, making it to the top four in Sweden. “Social Pretender offers raw, rough alternative rock with a lot of edge and nerve. This band radiates great confidence and possesses a phenomenal stage presence. Especially the vocalist catches the audience who just want more when the band steps down from the stage.” - Emergenza.

During the same time, the band got listed in the Nordic music magazine GAFFA as a Swedish top four “must-see-concert”. Patrik Wirén from GAFFA wrote that “The band managed the feat of delivering an incredible energy without letting the songs suffer”.

An excerpt of the band’s shows include the famed Metaltown festival in Gothenburg, the Rock Stage of Malmoe Festival and as supporting act for the Polish rock band HEY at Tyrol in Stockholm.

The EP “In the Backyard of My Mind” is produced by Oscar Ammer (Stereolith, Skintrade, The Moving) at Echobox Studio in Stockholm. It is digitally available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and more. The title track is featured on a compilation album of the Swedish Close-Up Magazine.

Social Pretender is currently working on new music that is planning to be released during 2018. So stay tuned!

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Winner of Stockholm Emergenza Finals 2014
Echobox Studio
Rocket FM
Open act for Hey at Tyrol
Winner of Rock May Festival 2014
in Poland

Niklas Anmyr


John Ahrén


Sanna Wox


Oscar Ahlqvist


Tour in Poland