Where it all began


People telling others what they can or cannot do, how to behave, what to say, what clothes to wear, who’s good enough and who’s not, abuses the lost minds that are in search of acceptance and purpose, in a desperate attempt to find their own. All of us wants to know our true potential but too many are cut down before given the chance. Social Pretender formed under such circumstances. Because people said they couldn’t. As a reminder to stay true to what they believe in and not take the freeway just because that’s where everyone else is going. To the great social acceptance. Chasing a man-made mirage.

A chimaera.

With their angst and frustration expressed in the music, Social Pretender is an unrestrained, derailed and powerful rock band from Sweden, inspired by the authenticity of the 90’s grunge scene and punk rock. Distorted and angry. Edgy and real.

Social Pretender has been named a “must-see-live-act” by music magazine GAFFA for their explosive and unapologetic live show and a review from Emergenza reads:


« Social Pretender offers raw, rough alternative rock with a lot of edge and nerve. This band radiates great confidence and possesses a phenomenal stage presence. Especially the vocalist catches the audience who just wants more when the band steps down from the stage. »


In 2015 the band went on tour in Poland and among else played the Rock May Festival for the second time. The previous year Social Pretender won Rock May Festival’s live band competition and became the first non-Polish band to win it. One month later they also won the Stockholm Finals of Emergenza, making it to top four in Sweden. Other shows include Metaltown Festival, Malmoe Festival, support for the Polish band HEY and more.

Social Pretender started their Instagram in August 2016 and has since grown to over 20 000 engaged followers.

In January 2019, Social Pretender signed a worldwide deal with Ninetone Records, one of Sweden’s largest independent labels. Ninetone have previously had great successes with Crashdiet, Takida, Corroded and others.

On April 12th 2019, Social Pretender released their latest single “Blind”. A song about living in denial. People who only can see the faults in others but are often blind to their own.